Anna Sainsbury-Thomas
B.Sc.Hons(Psych), DHP,


Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of not only treating the symptoms of anxiety but also releasing and resolving the stuck emotional residue of those compounding events.  As the emotions from the past are released they are replaced by calmer, more relaxed feelings and attitudes.  This in turn helps people to have a greater degree of clarity and perspective in their day to day experiences.

Anxieties can build up over a period of time with several unpleasant experiences compounding, making it more and more difficult to cope with current day problems.  Where people are overly anxious there is a tendency to habitually over-react to a range of different situations.  This over-reaction keeps triggering the body’s stress response (or fight or flight response).  Over time where this is not balanced by relaxation (which triggers the body’s natural relaxation response), people can experience acute panic attacks and chronic stress fatigue.

Panic attacks might occur in particular situations or for no specific reason at all.  Panic attacks are frightening events with our ‘flight’ mechanism being activated with the accompanying fast heartbeat, hot or cold flushes, fast breathing, wanting to run away or being rooted to the spot.  Often the fear of panic attacks becomes the major issue.  Panic attacks will often become associated with our environment and will then become the trigger for future panic responses – supermarkets, crowded rooms….. in addition to panic attacks, heightened anxiety can result in a whole range of symptomology associated with our flight or fight response.  We could suffer from Irritable bowel syndrome and its associated pain and worries.  It is well known that stress will often affect our skin and cause Eczema and Psoriasis.

Stress and anxiety will exacerbate and sometimes cause Migraine or severe headaches.  Anxiety can be the cause of many physical conditions including Blood pressure and Ulcers.  It can also affect our libido and ability to conceive. Anxiety and depression will affect our ability to control pain.

Hypnotherapy can help enormously with Pain relief and control.  

Many people suffer from childhood from irrational Fears or phobic responses : needles, heights, fire, death, darkness, water, spiders, driving, flying, blood etc.  Anxiety can often bring about these traumas in later life or can increase the intensity of childhood responses.  These responses can often be associated with people causing quite severe difficulties in social situations; giving presentations, attending interviews etc.

Anxiety inevitably negatively affects a person’s confidence and self-esteem.  Often an anxious individual will sustain inappropriate habit responses such as Thumbsucking, Nailbiting, Hairpulling etc.

The Session

The average number of sessions required to help anxiety disorders is 5 – 8.

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