Anna Sainsbury-Thomas
B.Sc.Hons(Psych), DHP,

Depression is a common, treatable illness that affects high numbers of both men and women.  It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will experience Clinical depression at some time in their life.   Depression is an extremely debilitating illness that affects not only the individual, but also their family, their friends, their employment, their self-esteem, and ultimately, restricts the enjoyment of their life. Many people with depression go through life without seeking help, believing that depression is just ‘part of them’, but in truth, depression is very treatable. People with depression often feel that they are ‘alone’, whereas in-fact this is far from the case, with as many as one in four people suffering with some form of depression at some point in their lives. Depression manifests itself physically as an imbalance of brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters.  This imbalance can be brought on by hormonal changes, a traumatic event, illness, lifestyle change, prolonged stress or drug use.

Symptoms of depression …….
Irritability, anger
Sleep disturbance
Appetite Changes (either over eating or loss of appetite)
Social withdrawal
Inability to concentrate
Feelings of guilt and low self esteem
Low levels of energy

As a general rule if you experience five or more of these symptoms over a two-week period it can indicate that you are suffering with depression.

Some of these symptoms can be treated specifically. Insomnia, Eating disorders, Lack of concentration are examples. Often depression is exacerbated or even caused by substance abuse: alcohol, drugs, cigarette smoking.

With proper and appropriate hypnotherapy depression is one of the most treatable disorders. It has a dramatically lower rate of relapse than anti-depressants alone and is now considered the most effective treatment, even with severe cases, enabling the client to focus on solving problems and engage fully in life again.

Sometimes change can be dramatic, however a period of  6-12 sessions is usually required.

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