Sports Performance


Anna Sainsbury-Thomas
B.Sc.Hons(Psych), DHP,

Ever wondered why some sports players always seem to raise their game and perform to the best of their ability when it really counts, while others seem to crumble under pressure?

Anyone involved in sport will be aware that a good deal of the battle in sport is psychological. You will be familiar with phrases such as ‘in the zone’, ‘firing on all cylinders’,  Successful sports players are able to control their state of mind such that they have a psychological advantage which prevents them from underperforming or being overcome with nerves.

Some of the main areas where sports hypnosis is of particular benefit are listed below, however this list is not exhaustive and individual athletes may have quite specific issues that are affecting their performance.

      ●   Competition Nerves
      ●   Performance Enhancement
      ●   Motivation for Training/Competition
      ●   Recovering from Injuries
      ●   Building Confidence
      ●   Improving Focus & Concentration
      ●   Overcoming Mental Blocks
      ●   Managing Emotions

Using imagery and visualisation, relaxation techniques and goal setting as standard tools is now commonplace in many sports, and these and many other psychological tools can be greatly enhanced with the use of hypnosis. Sports Hypnotherapy uses sports psychology and hypnosis to help you enhance your mental strength, overcome sporting injuries, and improve your performance, focus and concentration in both training and competition. Sports Hypnotherapy is ideally placed to provide you with these mental skills, and take your performance to the next level.

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